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zKML – Ai Crypto Privacy Coin (100x Potential?!)

zKML – Ai Crypto Privacy Coin (100x Potential?!) In this video I’m going to continue my Ai crypto series and deep dive into another Ai gem called zKML, I’m very bullish on this project and it’s potential and with a current low marketcap I will explain my reasons in this video. I will cover what zKML is, introduce you to some of there featured products including the Privacy Router and zKSearch engine, the Future Outlook and whether 100x gains for this ai coin is possible in this bull market. zKML is a privacy-focused layer 1 blockchain platform that aims to re-define privacy, security and cross-chain interoperability in the blockchain space by integrating advanced technologies including cryptographic protocols and privacy-enhancing tools that enables secure, private blockchain applications and transactions. zKML stands for Zero-Knowledge Machine Learning and their aim is to ensure users can make financial on-chain transactions securely and also to evaluate Machine Learning models all without compromising their private and sensitive data.