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How Many Algorand To Be a Millionaire (With Price Prediction)

How Many ALGORAND ALGO To Be a Millionaire (With Price Prediction)

In this video I’m going to explain How Many ALGORAND I think You Will Need to Be a Millionaire and stay watching until the end as I will give my Price Prediction for the Next Bull Run. I will also deep dive into ALGORANDs Tokenomics as well as key points to consider and the future outlook for the ALGORAND network.

What is Algorand.. Algorand is a permissionless Pure Proof-Of-Stake (PoS) Blockchain that can process fast transactions and is open-source so anyone can view and contribute to the code on the platform. Algorand’s native cryptocurrency is ALGO a digital currency which is used to secure the blockchain and pay processing fees for transactions.

Why I believe Algorand offers great potential is because it’s mission is to bring Global trust through decentralisation, eliminate barriers to prosperity for all and drive adoption to billions of people.