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How Many Cardano ADA To Be a Millionaire (With Price Prediction)

How Many CARDANO ADA To Be a Millionaire (With Price Prediction)

In this video I’m going to explain How Many CARDANO (ADA) I think You Will Need to Be a Millionaire and stay watching until the end as I will give my Price Prediction for the Next Bull Run.

I will also deep dive into CARDANO’s Tokenomics as well as key points to consider and the future outlook for the CARDANO network. What is Cardano? Cardano is a decentralised “Proof of Stake” blockchain which enables transactions to be processed faster and more efficiently and Cardano’s ethos is to be open and transparent. ADA is Cardano’s native utility token which is used for payments and transactions and ADA was named after a female mathematician Augusta Ada Lovelace who was regarded as the world’s first programmer.

Why I believe Cardano offers great potential is because it’s mission is to increase blockchain utility and adoption and it’s Founder Charles Hoskinson has a wealth of experience in the crypto sector having been one of the original founders of the Ethereum Blockchain alongside Vitalik Buterin.